It Should Never Be Easy

  When I first saw the forum posting sharing the letter released by the RMI Ministry of the Interior (see this post for more information) my first thought was for the families that are in the process of adopting a child from the Marshallese community in Arkansas.  I can just imagine their heartbreak, both at the idea that they might have been unknowingly part of something unethical and the thought that this request from the RMI might delay a new addition to their family. 
  My second thought was of a blog post I saw a few months ago: ... Emergency Adoption Opportunity... .  At the time I emailed the lawyer mentioned in the post about this but never heard anything back so I put it out of my mind.  Now, in light of this letter, things like this bring up serious questions.  I can tell you, both from my experience with the Marshallese community here and with my own adoptions, I can't imagine a scenario, emergency or otherwise in the Marshallese community that would require a ri-belle family to step in a take a ri-majol infant for something as permanent as an adoption.  It's the Marshallese custom to care for those who need it and a birth-mother's brother-in-law's great aunt by marriage will take in a care for a baby if it means that the child can stay in the community.
  Right now, my feeling on all this are that adoption, as a positive solution to an unfortunate situation, should never be easy.  To bring a child into your home through adoption should never be simple, fast, or clean.  If it is any of those things, there is a chance that something isn't right in the background.  It's our responsibility as adoptive parents to do due diligence and make sure that our desire to grow our families doesn't mean that a child is removed from their birth family unethically.


  1. Gotta read the original post, but I agree with you about paying attention to the "rest of the story"

    1. From the letter I shared in the last post, what's happening in the US now sounds like it was on it's way towards what used to happen here in the Marshalls; lying to birth mothers and buying (and selling) babies. I'm glad the CAA and the MOI have stepped in and made this request- that they're recognizing that this could become a problem and want to protect everyone involved. Those extra steps definitely help shed light on the rest of the story.

  2. that would require a ri-beauty family to step in a take a ri-majol newborn child for something as long-lasting as a reception. Do My Essay For Me It's the Marshallese custom to really focus on the individuals who need it and a birth-mother's brother by marriage distant auntie by marriage will take in a consideration for a child in the event that it implies that the kid can remain locally.


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