Happy Birthday Fire!

   I can't believe fire is two! How did that happen? It seems like just a minute ago, he was a just a wobbly-headed, big eyed baby. He's such a big boy now! He's trying to talk more and more and has added the words stop, up, down, yes, milk, and run to his vocabulary. He's started growing again too, after taking a six month hiatus and has gotten a half-inch taller in the last month. Fire wears 3T now, although the shorts are a little long for him. He's still a sweet boy with a wonderful laugh but he can retaliate like any little brother will when Sky teases him. His go-to is hair pulling but we're working on it.
   We had two parties for Fire- only half as many as last year! We invited a bunch of our friend to the beach for dinner and cupcakes and then had a family party last night.

Fire got scared when everyone started singing to him

but he thought the cupcakes were pretty great!

Fire fell asleep on me while we were watching the Olympics over the weekend - love that boy!

We had noodles and potstickers for his birthday dinner


and then opened presents

(thanks for the bubblewrap, Grandpa Ken!)


We gave Fire a helmet for his birthday and then broke it in with a trip to the skate park




Playing on the pull-up bars

Sky and I made a pan of blondie brownies for Fire
He took the singing better this time around and blew out all his candles


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