Valentine's Day

   We're not much for the Hallmark holidays around here so we kept Valentine's Day pretty low key.  One of the grandmothers had sent Sky a packet of make-your-own valentines so we spent two weeks frustratingly gradually making me want to pull my hair out working on them.  I've tried my whole life to be more patient- who knew that all it would take would be working on projects with small children to teach me that skill?  So Sky and I made her valentines for her class and I used double-sided tape to attach a few chocolate kisses to each one and that was it- no bags of plastic toys or futzing with anything fancy.  D bought me flowers the day before (but mostly because the store had them) and chocolate the day after (50% off!) and that was it.  We spent the evening together as a family, playing around the house and reading.
  How was your Valentine's day?

 fire got this big balloon from one of his teachers.  It was a huge hit with the kids
 Sky's valentine
 The flowers, and yes, the vase is a cookie jar.  We've gotten pretty good at making do here!


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