New Digs For Us

Q: So A, what did you and D do this weekend?
A: Oh, not much, just moved almost all our worldly possessions from one house to another.
We applied for a larger house on Tuesday, got our approval on Thursday, chose our house Friday, signed for the keys on Saturday and then spent the whole weekend moving in. We still have a ways to go and lots of setting up to do but the big stuff is in place and we've been sleeping at the new house for a few nights. Our new place is one story, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and while it's only 150 square feet larger than our old house, it feels like a mansion. The kitchen has a lot more counter space, there are two linen cabinets, and it has a large grassy back yard. The kids were surprised by the move but they've taken the change really well and pretty happy with it.

Back- I'm so excited to have that yard for the kids to play in!
Acres of counter space in the kitchen
A huge living room
A linen cabinet- seriously, this sort of thing is what has me most excited about the new house
Our bedroom- photo taken from the doorway of the master bath. I like that we have our own bathroom but what I'm most happy about (again) is the storage aspect. Both bathrooms have cabinets under the sinks and our bathroom has drawers as well. It's the little things, isn't it?
This house is huge and I feel a bit guilty about asking to move into it. When you live so close to those who have so little, getting more of something you don't really need, even if your position entitles you to it, seems so wasteful to me and I'm struggling with it. We were fine in our 1100 square feet and it felt like the right size house for us. We loved the back patio and the location and had talked about ways to make the house more efficient and how to fit more of us into it if we decided to grow our family. Do we need this much space? No, but this house was open and we asked about it at just the right time. The move has been a great chance to sort through our things and really consider what we do and don't need. The new house doesn't quite feel like home yet but I'm sure it will soon- until then, I'll be getting lost in the kitchen and trying to decide which towels go in which linen closet (because I have two now!).


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