Exploring the Oro Valley Children's Museum

  I love exploring whatever town I'm living in and now that we're unpacked and settled in to the house here, I'm starting to get out more and find new things to do.  A friend had told me about a small children's museum north of Tucson in Oro Valley and last week, a friend and I decided to check it out. 
  The museum is more of an exploration place, perfectly designed for toddlers.  My friend's daughter is five and many of the activities were too small for her, both in size and interest level.  Water loved the museum and happily spent two hours running from one exhibit to another, coloring, going down the slide, playing with the air tubes, and then going back to coloring again.  You can see the entire room from any corner so I was able to let him explore without having to hover but was close enough to intervene if he needed help sharing something. 
  There's a sandwich shop in the same strip mall as the museum and lunch at their outdoor tables was the perfect way to end our morning. 
  It was great to get out of Tucson and find something new and while it's a bit of a drive for us, I think I'll be heading up there more often once Earth is mobile, since it will be a safe and fun place for both of them to play.  The museum offers yearly memberships and is affiliated with the Tucson Children's Museum.

(After five years of diapering babies, I just can't stop!)


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