Sky's Kindergarten Show

  Sky tends to be shy and not volunteer for anything so D and I were really surprised when she came home from school with lines for her class play. She was going to be the Star Fish and had five lines she had to memorize.  She picked out her costume (the music teacher gave her a few choices and of course, she chose the most glamours option!) and we practiced her lines most evenings after dinner.

 Soon it was the night of the show.  Sky invited her friend A and her family to come and watch and we all piled into the school auditorium with the rest of the kindergarten families

  The stage was crowded and the dialogue almost unintelligible but the songs and dances were cute and you could tell the kids had put a lot of work into the play.  I was so proud of Sky for volunteering for something outside her comfort zone and for learning her lines.  It's so wonderful to see her becoming herself!

(Sky's favorite part of the evening: hitting the frozen yogurt bar with our friends after the play!)


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