This and That and Easter Pictures

  I haven't been as good about taking pictures as I've wanted to lately so rather than doing a "High Five for Friday" post just about our week, I thought I'd share a little of what we've been up to lately, some of the this and that of our new life here in Arizona
 There are so many amazing parks near our house and most afternoons I'll take the kids to one to run off some energy and have a snack.  We all look forward to it and I hope we can keep up with this new tradition.

Goofing around with her snack

Watching the big kids play


We got the truck cleaned the other day and had to get creative to entertain the kids when it took longer than we expected

There's a hill just west of Tucscon called A Mountian (it has a giant "A" painted on it) and one free Saturday we decided to walk up it with the kids- our first foray into hiking here.
All the boys in the stroller

D, Fire, and Sky 

A beautiful view of Tucson

Playing on the A

This picture came up on my facebook feed as a memory from four years ago.  I've always loved this picture of Sky

And here's Sky today- what a wonderful, sassy girl!

Sky got all 3's and 4's on her report card for the 3rd quarter and was recognized in an awards ceremony at her school.  I took Earth and Water to see it and she loved showing her brothers off to her classmates afterward.

There are a ton of Easter Egg hunts around town but we wanted to keep things mellow so the first Easter eggs the kids saw were the ones in their baskets at home Easter morning.

Everyone got new clothes (thanks Target for making it so easy to match everyone's clothes!)

Our new church had an egg hunt before the second service

Water wasn't really sure what to do...

Happy (belated) Easter, from our family to yours!

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