From the CSA This Week: Swiss Chard

  This week I'm featuring Swiss chard- that gigantic-leaved, red-veined leaf that I usually never know what to do with.  I'm making Earth's baby food and since Swiss chard can often be used in place of spinach, I thought I would try making him some yummy eats out of it.  Earth is seven months old now and I'm starting to add some grains to his all-vegetable diet and I decided to mix the Swiss chard with cooked quinoa. 
  The end result was a health, dark green puree full of vitamin, mineral, and amino acids with just a touch of texture.  Earth gobbles it up (as he does most food) and I hope your baby will too!

Swiss Chard and Quinoa Baby Food

4-5 Swiss chard leaves; cleaned, veins removed and coarsely chopped
3 cups cooked quinoa (made from 1 cup dry quinoa), prepared with water (you can use broth for a richer flavor if you want)

  Bring a dutch oven full of gently salted water to a boil while you cut the red veins out of the Swiss chard (these can be save for another recipe if you choose) and chop the leaves:

   When the water reaches a rolling boil, add the leaves and cook until wilted, about 5 minutes

  Strain the leaves and save the cooking water

  Add the leaves and quinoa to a blender or food purifier and blend, thinning with the cooking water as needed.

  I use ice cube trays to make individual servings and this recipe made three tray's worth of food

  Earth is eating two to three cubes of food at each meal.  We thaw them gently in the microwave and use crushed ice to cool them (because there's five seconds difference between cold and nuclear when you're microwaving baby food!).



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