Catching up: Fire's Pre-K Graduation

  While I was sorting through my drafts to start on my summer catch-up posts, I found this one on Fire's Pre-K graduation.  I can't believe I never got this posted! 
 I'm so proud of Fire!  We celebrated his graduation from pre-k this week, a graduation we thought he wasn't going to have since he was so far behind academically.  Fire made so much progress during his pre-k year, thanks entirely to his teachers.  They set high expectations for him and he flourished.  I'm so thankful for all their hard work and that Fire was able to make so much progress in such a short amount of time.
 Fire's "formal" graduation picture

  Hi school had a sweet little ceremony for his class, complete with miniature mortarboards.  Fire sat with his friends during the speeches

Then got his diploma from his teachers

and recessed out  past all the cheering parents

  There was a party on the playground afterward with ice cream and cupcakes.  It was the perfect finish to Fire's school year.  I still can't believe how far Fire has come this year and I can't believe that he'll be starting Kindergarten in just a few short months!

Click here to see Fire's First Day of Kindergarten pictures


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