Cutting Water's Hair

I love Water's hair. It's so soft and he has such beautiful curls.  I've been letting it grow out for almost a year because I wanted to see if how longer hair suited his face (and because I love his curls!).  We'd found a hair routine that worked: co-wash and comb and then deep condition and re-curl at bath time, and then alternating with a leave-in deep conditioner or curl cream for everyday styling.  When I could get him to sit still for it all, his curls looked amazing:

  And the rest of the time, they looked a little tired and fuzzy

 Eventually it started to become a little battle every morning to get him to let me do his hair.  It wasn't as bad as trying to do Sky's but I still wasn't up for two hair fights every morning.  This past weekend I caved and took all the boys to the barber.  I tried to talk Water out of cutting his hair and his barber tried to get him to agree to just a trim but Water wasn't having it.  "Short!" he insisted.

  It was almost 7 inches long when his curls were straightened!

 And long enough to do in a hairstyle if he wanted

 Are you sure, I asked one last time...
So short it is.
Of course, he still looks super handsome and so grown up to boot.  It takes no time at all to do it in the mornings which is great since school started and it can be crazy trying to get everyone out the door but I still miss those beautiful curls...

Do you let your kids pick their hair styles/lengths?  How do they do at taking care of their own hair?

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  1. I love my Marshallese guy's hair long. Unfortunately he doesn't. At 15, he has control of the length but does keep it a little longer on top to suit his face. Both girls were/are pistols with their hair. My youngest who is 10, wants hair like Rapunzel. She slowly is getting better about letting me do it.


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