Christmas Morning

   All the photos below were taken on Christmas morning but there was so much more to the day than opening presents.  Both D and I thought that this was our best Christmas yet.  We started with the kids' stockings and presents, since they're both still too young to wait on turns for opening.  Once their piles of gifts had been unwrapped and ooohed and ahhed over, we dished up our traditional Christmas morning monkey bread and the four grown ups opened our presents (while the kids rotated between breakfast plates like monkey-bread stealing satellites!). 
  After presents, we cleaned up a bit and had some play time before lunch (D's Eggy-Cheesey Bake: recipe soon) and naps.  We took the ferry to Ebeye in the afternoon to watch the jeptas at Auntie and Uncle's church.  I LOVE watching the dancing and singing and it made me so happy when Sky said that she wants to try and learn the jepta for next year.  That would be the best dance class ever, especially for her! 
  When we got back from Ebeye, we headed to our friend Kristin's house for dinner.  Her family has a tradition of doing a fancy Christmas dinner and we were lucky enough to be invited.  Since we were already dressed up for Ebeye, we stopped at the house to pick up the baguettes that I'd made (I'll get the recipe for those up soon) and headed right over for a night of great food and wonderful conversation (and surprisingly well behaved kids).  It was the perfect end to a wonderful day.  I hope you and yours had a great Christmas too!

Because when Auntie L and Uncle J send you a floatie and new shoes, you HAVE to wear them!

As D says, "It's not Christmas without a cat in a box".



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