Lunch with Santa and a Parade of Lights

   The Saturday before Christmas, the kids' school hosted a lunch with Santa.  All the families were invited to bring a dish to share, there were activities and an open gym, and of course, Santa put in an appearance.

 Sky was only really interested in the candy canes he was giving out but I convinced her to sit for one more photo

  That same night, the Kwaj Scuba Club had their Scuba Santa party at Emon Beach.  Santa arrives by scuba diving to the island, along with his elves and a Christmas tree lit with dive lights.  We didn't get any good pictures of the kids with Santa this time (he's a little to wet to be sat on) but Sky and Fire each got a glow light from an elf and had fun running around crazy with their friends, while D and I sat on the beach with R and C and watched the Yacht Club boat parade.

 Santa's out in one of those boats, getting ready to dive to Kwaj
The Yacht Club parade of lights (and a fantastic sunset):

  We missed a lot of these Kwaj Christmas traditions last year when we were in the states and it was wonderful to get to do them this year.  It really helped us remember how special Kwaj can be and made us remember why we live here.


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