Operation: Science Stuff In The News

Check it out:  Marshall-ing a Family  OSS (and the our family), are in the news!  The local paper in my home town did a profile of me, the fam, and Operation: Science Stuff.  I'm going to blow my cover here and say that it makes us sound way cooler than we really are. 
  If you're a first time visitor and you found us through the news story: Welcome!  I promise, we're really just a normal family, albeit one that lives on a tropical island that's a slice of life from 1950's America. 
  If you're interested in learning more about Operation: Science Stuff, click on the tab at the top of the page.  The fundraising portion of the project is closed but if you want to contribute to education and health causes in the Marshall Islands, I've linked to two of my favorites in the "Help the Marshall Islands" tab.
  As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wait, wait, wait! You're from MN?! I don't think I knew that!

    1. Yes, I went to high school in Circle Pines and I still have family there. David and I like the Twin Cities and it's always high on the list when we talk about moving back to America.


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