Still Waiting

  "Life is made up of the small things that happen while you're waiting for big things to happen"

 We're still waiting; waiting for Auntie and Uncle to be able to travel to Majuro, waiting for Mommy Elizabeth and the girls to come to Ebeye and waiting to see what effect that will have on our lives, waiting for our vacation in March so that we can finally leave Kwaj for a family vacation, waiting for the piano to be delivered and to see if D divorces me because I bought it! 
  Some updates: Auntie and Uncle and the kids were supposed to fly out tomorrow but they wanted to go on the local airline (Air Marshall Islands) and while it posts schedules on it's website, there's really no guarantees.  D and I are buying their tickets but we have to  pay in cash- I can't even tell you how uncomfortable it makes to have to make that large of a transaction in 20-dollar bills.  Uncle is getting worse- he's in lots of pain and can't lie down any more (I'm guessing because of fluid collection in his lungs).  Auntie and Uncle keep telling us to visit them in Majuro and every time they do, D and I share a long look that says. "Please, God, let us not be visiting for a funeral!"
  Mommy Elizabeth and girls coming from Majuro: Auntie told me the other day that they might not come until May because Ilani started school this year and they want to wait until her summer break.  That changes things regarding our Monday visits to Ebeye because it's not really appropriate for me to be with Jobe without D there.  Exceptions would be made because I'm a ribelle and because the family knows our situation, but it makes me uncomfortable too.  We're also starting to wonder how much contact we should let the kids have with Mommy Elizabeth and Daddy Jobe.  Part of that's parental possessiveness and jealousy but there are also so many unknowns.   Do you have an open relationship with your childs birth family?  How open and how much regular contact do they have with your child?  Any advice on this front would be appreciated.
  Our family vacation: the kids' Malaysian visas were approved and their passports are on their way back to us!  All that's left is for them to arrive in time for the trip (with mail lately, there's no guarantee, but we're hopeful).
  That piano:  the piano will be delivered tonight.  I've rounded up a few friends and promised them beer in exchange for some lifting.  There's been some emails back and forth about tuning (waves are waves right?  If these engineers can tune a billion-dollar radar, they can tune my $50 Baldwin upright, right?), but we'll have to see tonight how well the piano works.  I'm going to try and get pictures of the move, since it will probably be a pretty Kwaj-style production.  Stay tuned!


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