We're starting to teach Sky to ride her bike without training wheels.  At one point, D decided to demonstrate- Sky thought it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen and still talks about Daddy riding her bike.
How to learn to be patient, in four easy steps:
1: have a four-year-old
2: by a sun catcher kit for the four-year-old for Christmas
3: make the sun catcher with the four-year-old
4: sit on your hands and hold your breath for the ENTIRE time so that you don't snatch the tweezers out of her fingers or shout,  "no, let me do it!", even though you really want to

Sky modeling a "new to her" dress next to the Operation: Science Stuff supplies

We got a new stroller ahead of our trip in March- it's an umbrella stroller with really tall handles so that D doesn't break his back pushing it.  The kids love it and fight over who gets to push and who gets to ride up as they go up and down the alley.

One last family picture before Auntie, Uncle, and the kids fly to Majuro

We spent a morning at the beach with our friends last weekend:

There are so many flies here right now!

Fire won't sit through a movie yet but if you give him a controller and sit him down to play video games with Daddy, he's one happy boy!


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