Some Sweet Pictures of the Kids

   A friend took these pictures around Sky's birthday in December.  D and I have decided to only do big birthday parties on the "5" birthdays (5, 10 15) because they can be so expensive, and on Kwaj you really do have to invite everyone to your kid's party.  We decided to invite a few of her friends from school and church to the beach for cupcakes.  Everyone had  a great time and Sky loved having everyone sing to her.  I was so busy that I never took out my camera- luckily my friend Holly did and she got some good pictures. 
 Be still my heart!

 Sky with her friends L and S
 Lighting the candles and singing

 Sky LOVES cupcakes and is a very neat and efficient consumer thereof
Baby H, not so much!


  1. Wow, the kids have changed so much since last March. Teshie is so big and Ciela is getting quite grown up. What a cute haircut :)

  2. So cute! Kids are getting big! They are both beautiful.


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