Operation: Science Stuff- January Delivery

 We made our first big delivery of Operation: Science Stuff supplies the the high school on Gugeegue on Monday!  We took over chemistry glassware, pipettes, hotplates, prisms, thermometers, meter sticks, plaster of paris, light bulbs and wire for electricity labs, test tubes, and test tube racks.  The teachers were so excited to have the new supplies and kept telling us how wonderful it was to have them.  We were there on a teacher work-day so we didn't get to see any of the students but the Biology teacher told us that they're really excited about the equipment too.  She told us that they were already using the microscopes for a lab on flat worms and that she kept having to shoo the students away from the microscopes so that they could do the rest of their work.  That the students are excited makes this whole project worthwhile!
Loaded up and ready to head to the boat
On Ebeye and waiting for our ride to Gugeegue

At the school

The biology teacher describing the students' work on a recycling project

A sign in the school urging students not to sleep- don't waste time dreaming of graduating, stay awake and learn!

A view of the entrance of the school

Gugeegue is about seven miles along the causeway from Ebeye- you can see it in the distance

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the fundraising for Operation: Science Stuff, and thank you to those who helped with this delivery.  More equipment is arriving daily and there'll be another opportunity to take things to the school in February.


  1. Just look what you did! You must feel soooooo good about this project. way to go!!


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