Augmentin and Other Fun Things

  Well, now we know one of the reasons why the kids had a bit of hard time on the flights home.  D took them to the doctor this morning and they both have raging ear and sinus infections.  All of us will be taking a full course of antibiotics to reduce any chance of reinfection.  My poor babies!  We did take Fire to the hospital in Singapore but somehow they missed it.  Hopefully the medicine will work quickly and he can get back to his lovely screaming self.
  On a happier note, I received my first installment of PaperWorks from Jones Design Company and I'm over the moon about it.  It feels a little excessive to spend $30 a month on something I don't really need but I've already used the grocery list and meal planning sheets, I have seven new posts annotated on the blog work-flow worksheet, and I've written two notes on the really cute note cards that are included.  If you're looking for a little treat for yourself that might also help you get a little more organized, take a look at PaperWorks.


  1. hope y'all are feeling better! :)

    isn't it fun getting organized, can't wait to hear more about your paperworks fun!


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