I am broken.  This last part of the trip has broken me.  Fire's fever came back while we were in the jungle, Sky's been struggling again since we moved on from Singapore, and I just had the worst plane flight ever as a parent (Thank you, KoreanAir stewardess, until you stopped by I had no idea that my screaming son and crying daughter were disturbing other passengers). I hadn't slept in almost two days and I finally just started crying on the plane.  I wad done.  D helped where he could but he was across the aisle and once I started crying, I wasn't about to move.
  I was crying in part from being over-tired and part from frustration with the kids, but mainly because it hit me that this is the last trip we'll be doing  with the kids for a while.  It's too much for them and too much for us.  That realization, which D agrees with, changes a lot for us and we're going to have to reconsider some earlier decisions that we made about growing our family and where and how we live.
  There are more posts coming, fun ones with pictures, but  for now we're almost home.  And I couldn't be happier.


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