Is Sky Thai or Black?

  at seems to be the burning question on Bangkokians minds- what is Sky? Naturally, we get stared at. We'd get stared at without her, but with her, we're in whole 'nother realm of staring. As another blogger I follow puts it, we're conspicuous. For the most part, the stares are just curious- taking a look at something new in the neighborhood. Most of the time, I ignore them. If it's a woman, I will usually smile back. A baby is a baby and Sky is a particularly cute one, with a kind of cute that crosses cultures and most ladies will smile back.
   Some people have asked and they've asked nicely. The trend seems to be that if D is with us, people tend to think that she's Thai and that we just adopted her. She's a little bit darker than the darkest Thai person I've seen but I suppose she could be mistaken for asian. If it's just Sky and I, people will ask if she's black. I ran this past a foreigner that lives here and he said that Thai's just don't know what black people look like, that they think she's my biological daughter and that she's mixed.
   So, greater Bankok, that's the burning question: what is Sky? Besides being my perfect handful of almost-two-year-old daughter, Sky is Indian. Yup, that's what we settled on. People here don't know about the Marshall Islands, or Polynesia but they do know India. We found that out when we tried to explain her heritage to someone and they latched on to the Indian part. So we've copped out and stuck with that. So keep an eye out here folks, for more travel updates from us and our Indian daughter :)


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