What to do today?

   We didn't make any plans on our last day in Kanchanaburi so once we were up and moving we hopped on the motorbike and headed into town. What to do, what to do?  How about we stop and pet a leopard?  What!  Yes, a leopard.  Right there.  In town.  On a table.  Hmm.  Is that really a leopard?  Yes.  Should we encourage this very questionable enterprise by paying 100 baht (3 dollars) have our photos taken with her?  The hippie backpaker in A is outraged at seeing such a beautiful animal chained and made to "work" in such a demeaning way, but older, tourist mommy A says "Heck, yes!"  So here you go, us with a leopard:

  The cat was declawed and had been trained to jump into her owners arms for the bottle.  The owner would hand you the cat once she was drinking and then take pictures.  While it is a very sad situation for the cat, she was not obviously harmed in any way and seemed to be in good physical condition.  I was of two minds about the whole thing, but our not having the photos wouldn't have stopped the owner from displaying the cat in this way and by paying for the photos, we helped ensure that the owner would have the money to continue paying for the animal's care. 
  And holey-cow, we got to pet a leopard!


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