Rivers, Temples and Kao San Road

   D spent a night in the hospital this week and didn't get out until later in the morning.  We met up with him around lunch time but that morning, Sky and I expanded our maps of Bangkok and gave the Chao Phraya river ferries a try.  Sky kept saying " Bee boat, bee boat!" (big boat), so I think she liked them as much as I did.  They can get pretty crowded but you can get from one end of the city to the other in 20 minutes for about 10 cents.  Sky and I went to Wat Pho and had a tour guide show us around.  Mr Jimmy was great, carrying Sky's stroller for me and telling me all about the temple.
  That evening, D, Sky and I got back on the boats and headed up to Kao San Road, the traditional backpacker area of Bangkok.  Our hostel is near a night market but I wanted to see the one here to compare (plus, backpackers make me laugh- I know, it's the pot calling the kettle black).  We had a good time and did some good shopping before catching a cab back to our hostel.

Sorry folks, the pictures are out of order and I'm not going to hassle with fixing them.  I'll try to make it make sense in the explanations.

Someone gave Sky this balloon for free and she figured out pretty quickly how to pull the string to hit Daddy in the head with it- that made her night!
 But she wasn't very impressed by Kao San Road

 Sky and Mama on a boat (turns out it was the wrong boat :)    )

 River view

 There we are again, on the right boat this time

Some more river views:

At Wat Pho, Sky with the Reclining Buddha's feet
 There's the rest of the Buddha

 Sky really liked these dog statues but she couldn't stay still long enough for me to get her picture with them!

 Fareng temple guardian

Sky and Mama here
 And here

 but not here.

 These small stupas are for the common people's ashes to be interred in

 and these big ones are for the king

 Buddha being guarded by the 9-headed snake Naga

And there we are again!


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