On to Kanchanaburi

 Sky at our hostel doing some trip planning for us

 She sat calmly in her seat and played with her toys during the drive...  maybe for about five minutes!

There was still some flooding in the northern parts of the city:

 The lobby of the resort we're staying at, the Dheva Mantra

 D and Sky shortly after our arrival.  Sky got carsick on the trip up so we had to wrap her up in her blankie.

 Our room- Sky is still not impressed

 Lunch, and my first room service, on our balcony overlooking the river

 Sky finally awake and checking things out

 Sky and I enjoying the view off the lobby

 There's the view

 Sky making herself at home in a 4-star resort

 Ready to go swimming!

 Playing in the pool with Mama

and playing on the resorts playground.


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