She's Two!

Happy Birthday Sky!
We celebrated Sky's second birthday this Saturday with Sky'a best friend and her parents.  We had her favorite noodles and corn on the cob for dinner and then opened presents.  Sky had a great time tearing open presents and then blew out her candles herself when we had cake.
  I can't believe that she's two!  She's grown so much in the 10 months that she's been with us, both physically and mentally.  When we adopted Sky, she was 14 months old but was the size of an American 9 month old.  Now she wears 2T size clothes and her teachers tell us she's actually tall for her age.  She is starting to try to express more things with words and to make sentences.  She's also potty training already and doing great at it.  We're still having some issues with biting but it's not as bad as it used to be.  She's already acting like a two-year-old, exploring our boundaries and then pushing past them but she's still our perfect girl and we are so blessed to have her.

 She got a doll house from her BFF

 and the box is great too!

 I think she's trying to shake the educational value out of this toy...

 Unwrapping a bowling set from Mama

 and a tool set from Daddy

 New books!

 and new coloring books!

Singing and blowing out candles


 What a ham!

Playing with her new toys:


  1. Looks like a wonderful birthday. Thanks soooooooooo much for sharing the pics. :)


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