Catching Up

 We've been busy without doing anything in particular around here.  We've spent some time with friends, done some cooking, had some fun-  you know, the usual things that don't merit photos.  Here's a catch up on the last week or so:

Tim, the drummer from Ugli Stick, gave her a pair of drumsticks. 
She's been practicing, in her footie PJs, you know, like you do.

Cheesing it up

 Okay, Mommy, enough pictures, I have to take this call!

Thanks for the baby stroller and backpack Nana Jo!

 Ignore the look on his face- Fire LOVES this toy!  He could spend hours in it.

I made cinnamon raisin bagels on Sunday morning...

 Looks like they're a hit!

Hop On Pop

 (not just a photo op, they really do stand around on him)

This one might be just a photo op... 
I'm not really sure why Fire's in the laundry basket and he looks pretty confused about it too.

Sky before school yesterday.  Thanks for the great new dress, Aunti Mo and Uncle Paul!

World, meet Ms Florina:
  She's an amazing lady and we're lucky to have her taking care of Fire for us.


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