So Long Swearing, You'll Be Missed

  I got called out on my swearing the other day.  When I get frustrated or angry I can have a bit of a potty mouth and even though I've been working on it, I need to be working harder.  Sky was riding her bike around the block the other day and managed to get her back wheel stuck at one point.  She was pedaling and pedaling and not getting anywhere.  She looked down at her back wheel and said, "Oh da**it!" and got off to move her bike.
  I just stopped in my tracks.  She'd said it so blase.  Really, I don't swear that much that she hears it every day but she'd picked up that those words are something you say when you're annoyed.  Bad Mommy!  I told her that those were adult words and that she shouldn't be saying them.  I said that Mommy shouldn't be saying them either and that I would try to stop.  Sky said them once more during the ride and I told the same thing each time,while trying not make too much of a big deal out of it (or to laugh!). 
  Oh, da**it! No more swearing for me!


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