Fire at Five Months

Fire is doing great! He's hitting all the milestones that the baby books say he should and growing into a solid little guy. He's still not sleeping through the night but he's only waking up once to eat (he does wake up a few other times some nights but he can quickly sooth himself back to sleep). He's still in 3-6 month onesies but has grown out of his 3-6 month pants and jammies. As you can see from the video above, we're giving food a try. He's not eating much when he does eat (maybe a few tablespoons) but some of it stays in. He is still the happiest baby ever, always smiling and laughing. Fire loves to stand up and he loves his play table and will go laps around it in the little chair. I'll add some pictures of that once I get a chance to take some.

Here's some Fire-time to brighten up your day!


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