Sky's New Bike

   Would you look at that! My two-and-a-half year-old is riding a bike! It's just about the most amazing thing ever to me, especially when I think about the fact that I didn't start riding a bike until elementary school. This bike was a gift from my boss. Both his daughters learned to ride on it and have out grown it. We bought Sky a scoot bike for Christmas but she hasn't wanted much to do with it since her friend P rides a pedal bike.
   She was so excited when she saw her new bike! She just hopped on and started riding. She made it all the way around the block last night- what a big girl! Riding your own bike is a pretty big deal on Kwaj, since it's how everyone gets around. It's like getting your license back in the states. Sky wants to ride everywhere on her bike now and I'm sure she'll be tearing up the island on her "kitty bike" soon.

Look at her go:

PS: Thanks Crystal! Even though I don't remember why, you get all the credit for Sky's bike riding!


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