Weekend on Roi

   We took the kids up to Roi this past weekend, to introduce Fire to our friends up there and just to get away for a while.  It was wonderful.  As soon as we stepped of the plane, D and I both felt lighter, and we all had a great weekend.  Most of Sunday was spent at the beach and on Sunday night, we saw the band Ugli Stick play.  They were great!  They played a combination of original music and covers and we loved listening to them.  They'll be playing a few shows on Kwaj too, for the Fourth of July, so we hope to catch them again before they fly out. 

Beach Pictures

Band Pictures
 Sky's favorite part of going to the bar on Roi- the bartenders put straws in her water!

 Our friend Josh with Fire and David

 Ugli Stick

It was so loud in the bar that this was how the kids watched the first set:

Fire just sat on my lap and stared at the band.  He didn't wiggle or fuss, he just sat and listened.  Maybe we have a future musician?


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