Poor Sky!

  Two mornings ago, Sky woke up itchy. She had small bumps on her chest and she just couldn't stop scratching them, even though it hurt when she did. I thought a bug or spider had gotten into her jammies or that she'd had an allergic reaction to something. We treated the bumps like bug bites, with antiseptic cream and some ibuprofen. Sky wasn't too itchy as long as she was distracted- a trip to the beach in the morning and friend over in the evening helped with that.
   Things got a lot worse that night. Sky could barely sleep because of the itchy-ness. She would scratch her chest in her sleep and then wake up from the pain of it. Nothing we were doing was helping so around midnight, I called the hospital. The nurse I spoke to suggested chicken pox but Sky has been vaccinated against them. I was able to pick up some infant Benedryl from her and D and I took turns sleeping with Sky to keep her from scratching.
In the morning we looked under the gauze dressing we'd made and saw that all the little bumps had turned into pus-filled spots. Wow! Definitly not bug bites! I called the hospital to see about getting an appointment but both doctors on island had full schedules, so I popped her on my bike seat and we headed to the ER. Sky started screaming as soon as we took her dressing off and didn't stop until we put it back on. Any motion towards her chest made her flinch. The doctor took one look at her and said, "Impetigo".
   Sky is on a topical antibiotic and an oral one, along with topical and oral painkillers. She spent all day yesterday in our bed watching Dora the Explorer and was feeling much better by dinner time. She woke up in a wonderful mood this morning but still screamed in pain when we cleaned her chest and put on fresh cream and a new guaze dressing. Once she has her "band-aid", she's fine and settles down and she didn't seem itchy at all this morning.

It makes me cringe to look at it but I wanted to put this up so that you might be able to recognize it in your kids if you need to and get them to the doctor quickly:
Poor Sky!

   According to the internet, impetigo is a staph or strep infection of the skin. We don't know how Ciela got it but apparently it's pretty contagious so we're keeping her away from Fire and from Florina (we don't want Florina's kids to get this). Again, it starts out as small clusters of bumps that look like bug bites and are very itchy. In 24 hours (for Sky) the bumps started looking like pimples and became very painful. The picture above is about 48 hours into it.
   Sky is spending another day at home, with Daddy today, and will probably get to watch all the Dora the Explorer she wants again. We have a doctors appointment on Thursday and we're hoping she'll be able to go back to school on Friday.


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