A Few Good Reads

  I've stumbled across a few new blogs lately and read to really great books and wanted to share them with you.

I'm probably the last one on the internet to come across this one:
It's a hilarious blog about marriage, parenting, and life, illustrated with, you guessed it, crappy pictures.  I think I lost two hours reading old posts on it last week.  And that blog had a link to this one:
A mom with five kids who raises her own meat, grows her own veggies, and generally lives a life that I would love to have if I didn't live here.  Another few hours lost to old posts.

Then there are the books.  Both of them were cheap buys on Amazon when I was refilling my Kindle last week. 
I LOVED this book.  I read it in just a few hours and wanted to read it again the next day.  It's a fiction book about fostering children and it's very open, realistic, funny, sad, and wonderful- all the things that life is when you open your home to a child. 

I'm about halfway through this book now and I'm already looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.  It's about a family in China that adopts abandoned girls.  I have loved reading about China since I was a child and I especially enjoy modern Chinese history so this book is perfect for me.  It's set mainly in the modern day but there are parts set during the Cultural Revolution as well.  The family faces the challenges of adoption, raising daughters, poverty, and change with open hearts.  The parents are wonderfully human with their own flaws but they try to teach their daughters to find their best paths in life. 


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