Right Now

    Where we are Right Now...

  Right now, Sky has turned from a toddler to a little girl while we weren't looking.  She'll be four in two weeks and that constantly amazes me.  Her teachers say that she's doing well in school and we'll be starting to teach her to read soon.  I hope she picks it up because she loves books and I know that being able to read them for herself will open up a whole new world for her.  Sky has been asking and asking to have her training wheels taken off her bike, so I told her that if she practiced really hard until her birthday, we could try it then.  She has been riding her bike every day and really seem to want to earn those little wheels off.  We've started a new behavior incentive with her that actually seems to be working.  Every day she has the chance to earn five pennies, one for each of the behaviors we want to encourage in her: being kind to Fire, being a good listener, staying in bed at night, doing her chores (feeding the cats and cleaning her place at the table after meals), and having good table manners.  Sky loves putting pennies in her jar at the end of every day and when she starts to show some bad behaviors, all we have to do is remind her that she won't earn her penny that day if she doesn't stop what she's doing.  So far, she's "bought" one treat from us (a family movie night) after earning 30 pennies and is close to earning a second. 

  Right now, Fire is just starting to talk.  He's been saying nin-nin (cup/bottle) and mama for a while now but lately he's added ball, At and Tes (what he calls himself), this, there, cat, and done.  Yay talking!  Fire is also doing well in school and has a lot of friends.  He's starting to hit quite a bit at home when he's frustrated (usually at Sky or D and I when we tell him "no") but he's still a sweet, easy, and loving boy.  Fire's favorite toys right now are a small plastic dump truck and his little light saber and he still sleeps with his stuffed giraffe every night. He'll be two in February and is already wearing some 3T clothes.

  Right now, D is getting ready to run a half-marathon this weekend and is anxious for kite boarding season starting for real.  He's finishing up another online class and is looking forward to Christmas break.  D' s starting to get some pretty itchy feet but we're hoping that a visit from family over the holidays and our vacation to Singapore in March will reset that.

  Right now, I'm looking forward to decorating for Christmas.  I'm trying to wait until our Christmas tree is delivered but I may just go ahead and do it over the weekend.  I'm really excited about Christmas at home this year, especially since D's dad and stepmom will be visiting us.  We stayed with them when we were getting Sky's TB treatment and we all get along so well.  I'm struggling a little bit with the tropical Christmas (snow, I miss snow!) but I think all the holiday activities here will help.  Santa shows up here tonight, by boat of course, and there'll be a big party for that and the tree lighting downtown tonight.  Next week is carolling and a Christmas lights tour and then it's downhill towards Christmas with Sky's birthday and D's folks coming in.  I'm really missing my family right now, especially with everything that's been happening with Uncle, but I hope that a good holiday season here reminds me how much we love life here.



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