Great News!

  Auntie and Uncle stopped by the house Saturday afternoon and they had great news- Uncle is doing better!  He spent most of the week in the hospital and the combination of  medicine and relaxing gave his kidneys a chance to improve.  Because they have improved some but not completely, Uncle was also approved for a short referral to Honolulu for 10 dialysis treatments.  I was so excited to hear the news that I almost started crying.  They don't know when he'll fly out but the doctor on Ebeye says to be ready.  I was really surprised that they approved him for the referral but I think the fact that his kidneys improved a little on their own showed that his body still has the capacity to heal so there's a greater chance of improvement with dialysis.
  So that all sounds great, right?  And it is.  Except for one thing.  Uncle was on Kwaj Saturday to see his doctor at the hospital here, the one who's been treating him this whole time.  He also ran Uncle's lab work and agreed with the doctor on Ebeye that his kidneys were improving.  And then- oh, then he tells Uncle that he is going to recommend that the referral be cancelled because Uncle doesn't need it! 
  I just about exploded when I heard that.  I've kept quiet about what I think about this doctor both to my uncle and on this blog but the fact that he thinks that Uncle doesn't need those dialysis treatments- it still makes me mad.  I told Auntie and Uncle about how he forced us to treat Ciela for TB even though she didn't really have it and how he canceled D's referral for his stomach pain when it got just the slightest bit better (see this post for some background- I would say this doctor has it in for my family but most people on Kwaj have a similar story).
  Happily, Uncle's doctor on Ebeye seems to be making up his own mind and as of Monday night, Uncle is still scheduled for a referral.  If you're praying for Uncle, please keep it up.  He's not in any pain but he still has lots of swelling and isn't getting around well.  Hopefully the referral will come soon and then Uncle can really start improving.


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