Still Waiting

  This is just a quick update to let you know that we don't know anything more about Uncle's treatment prospects than we did the other day.  We went over to Ebeye on Wednesday night but Uncle's doctors hadn't heard back from the referral committee yet.  He thought they would call him on Thursday.  Uncle and Auntie are coming to Kwaj for another appointment at the hospital here this morning, his last since he is being medically retired, and they said they would call when they arrived at the dock.  D might actually know the answer already, since he's home with the kid's this morning for an in-service day.  One hopeful thing is that the doctor on Ebeye was asking about passports before the referral meeting.  Would he have asked if they could travel if he didn't think there was a slight chance they'd get approved?  We'll keep you posted. 


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