An Evening on Ebeye with Grandpa and Grandma

  R and C went to Ebeye with us on our regular Monday afternoon trip.  I was really happy that they got to meet Auntie and Uncle and I think that C and Auntie felt a real connection between them.  Isn't it amazing when a family can be built like that: two women who would never otherwise have met becoming family through marriage and an adoption? 

We always make a parade when we "jambo-jambo" 
The kids on Ebeye love having their picture taken!

Can you see Jobe up there?  He climbed the pandanus tree to harvest one for R and C to try

Auntie with C, R, and the pandanus (called "bub" in Marshallese). 

Jobe cuts the end off...

And then everyone eats!

Sky LOVES pandanus!  I think she ate four or five of them

What about Fire?  
Nope, he's two-fisting it with a freezie-pop and a cupcake 


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