Our Favorite Christmas Gift

  One of the best Christmas gifts this year arrived a week before Christmas on an airplane from Kansas:  D's dad and step-mom.  Our kids know Grandpa R and Grandma C from the times we've stayed at their house and Sky in particular was very excited that they were coming to visit.  For D and I, they have always been a calming center and they've helped us see Kwaj with new, more appreciative eyes.
  While Sky loves spending time with her Grandma and Grandpa, she was also excited because they'd brought her a gingerbread house.  She'd read about them in school and seen them in her Candyland game and was finally going to get to build one.  We teased Sky that she was going to have to protect her house from Daddy because he loves gingerbread and he was going to eat it up (turns out those things aren't that edible so Sky didn't have much to worry about!).
  We're so, so glad you're here, R and C and can't wait to celebrate the holidays with you!

Construction in progress
The gingerbread architects with their masterpiece


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