D's Birthday

  This is a very belated post but I have a good excuse! I usually get my pictures for posts right off the camera but because we were compiling photos to share with our families, the camera's card was emptied before I had a chance to do the post. It took me almost a month to find the time to get the pictures off our big computer then onto a thumb drive then onto a CD via our laptop.
   D turned 38 this year and I wanted to make it special for him. Like good Midwesterners, that means food. I made him spicy banana fritters for breakfast and then D made his delicious fried chicken for dinner. After dinner we opened presents and then, because D doesn't really like cake, I brought out a plate of cookies (spicy bacon maple cookies and chocolate peanut butter monster cookies) with a candle in them. Since I made about 3 dozen of each kind of cookie, that was the gift that kept on giving!

The spicy banana fritters had been devoured by the time I got the camera out!
D's homemade fried chicken is so good!

Happy Birthday D!

Time out! While we were making dinner together that night, D earned himself a time out (I think he didn't have good listening ears), so I made him sit in the corner and told him to stay there for 38 minutes, since we do one minute for every year. D made this very sad face about having to sit for so long and when Fire saw it, he ran over to sit with his daddy to cheer him up. And don't worry, we let D out early after he apologized and promised to be a better listener!


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