Merry Christmas from Kwajalein!

 Us in church before the Christmas Eve service
Sky in one of her new outfits from her Aunt L
   Only two pictures from our Christmas?!  Yup, sorry, dear readers.  The present-opening pictures were taken with the big camera and it'll take a little bit to get to sorting through them and I didn't even take my camera out of my purse when we went to Ebeye in the afternoon.  I'm hoping to get some photos that friends took and I'll post them here when I do.
  D and I both think that this was our best Christmas yet.  We are both so glad that we decided not to travel back to the states for Christmas and I think we're going to try to stay at home for the holidays as much as we can from now on.  We tried some things this year that I hope will become family traditions: pizza and a Christmas movie before church on Christmas eve, monkeybread for breakfast while opening presents on Christmas Day, going to Ebeye for the Jepta dances in the evening, and then a big holiday dinner at a friend's house (Kristin says we'll need to have the dinner at someone else's house next year, that they're going to Hawaii for Christmas next year but her dinner was so fabulous, that I don't know if we'll let her!).
  We hope that you and your family had a Christmas that was just as wonderful as ours!  Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
Update: Christmas Pictures


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