Santa Comes to Kwajalein

  Santa arrived on Kwajalein last Saturday evening to kick off the Christmas Season.  In true island style, he arrived in an outrigger canoe, paddled in by the helpful elves in the canoe club.  After his official Army welcome to Kwaj, there was a parade to escort him downtown, a Christmas concert, the tree lighting, and then a downtown block party. 
  The kids had a great time!  Sky is old enough to know that Santa is a little bit of a big deal, even though we don't "do" Santa in our house, so she was pretty excited to watch him pull up to the dock.  Both kids loved running around downtown with their friends, chasing each other through the crowds.  I love that Kwaj is safe enough that they can do that here.  Snow cones for us, wine tasting for D (I forgot my ID at home, so no wine for me), and then home to bed.  A fun start to a busy weekend!

And for a quick look back, here's the same party in 2011 (we were in the US when Santa came to Kwaj last year)


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