Christmas Decorations and Letting Go of Perfection

One of the things that having kids (and having so many so quickly) has taught me is to just let some of my expectations go.  One of the big ones has been my expectation of perfection.  Believe me, I still wrestle with with it every day (and every night when I choose to go to bed instead of cleaning the living room again), but slowly, I'm starting to appreciate the good that can come from it.
These snowmen, our first Christmas decorations, are a perfect example.  Sky and I made them as a part of our home school one morning (cutting practice!) and we put them together the other night.  Sky realized that they were missing hands and decided to make them herself.  My hands itched to make them myself and make them look "just right" but Sky raced off to get paper and scissors to make them before I had a chance to do anything.  Sure they're pink and look maybe a little creepy but she did made them all by herself.  It might not be "perfect" but it really is perfect for us. 


  1. They look sweet! I know what you mean about wanting to step in and "fix" it though. Good for you for displaying them just the way she made them. Adorable! :)

    1. She was just so proud of herself that I couldn't stop her. I love that Sky is old enough now to do something like that. Snowflakes are next- can't wait to see what happens with those!


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