Operator Error and Our Week in Pictures

Operator error...
D, even with his engineering degree, couldn't get Water into his Sunday clothes!
Introducing Water to the guitar
Sky and I made a gingerbread house
(there must have been a heat wave...)
It didn't last long!
Look who tried cereal for the first time
He loved it! 
Avocado, not so much

This Christmassy island girl has had a great week!  I love how much she's growing and it's so much fun to see her personality come out.
What's it like at our house with three kids?


  1. Love these pictures! The first one totally had me cracking up. My husband is the same way!

    1. Isn't that crazy! He just couldn't figure out how to get the kid dressed. I came in when I heard the baby crying and D just through his hands and said, "You fix it!"
      Thanks for stopping by- I love your blog, by the way :)


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