The Christmas Tree Goes Up

  Our big splurge at Christmas here is buying a live Christmas tree.  The high school students sell them as a fundraiser and they're delivered by Christmas-caroling teenagers once they arrive by barge.  Sky is getting old enough to be excited about these sorts of things at Christmas time and she and Fire loved helping decorate the tree.  Having a tree up in the window really makes it seem like Christmas to me, especially when it still feels like summer outside.

Untying the tree


D, as an electrical engineer is in charge of the lights

and because he's an engineer, they look perfect!

A pause for some baby-brother-love

I don't know about you but taking out the ornaments each year brings back so many memories for me.  Each one is something special

A little bike for Kwajalein...

I've had this ornament for years and never knew that it opened up- obviously, I think it's even cooler now!

All done but for the star.  It's definitely Christmas time at our house now!


  1. love your tree! make memories for all of you. love ya, auntie lu

  2. Oh that baby brother love picture is adorable! Your tree arrives by barge? That is so cool! I love hearing about traditions from family to family and country to country!

    1. Sky is the sweetest girl with her baby brother! Water was practicing standing and she was putting up some ornaments and she just stopped what she was doing and ran over to love on him.
      I guess calling it a barge is a misnomer- they actually arrive by container ship- a huge container ship- like everything else on Kwajalein besides people and fresh produce :)

  3. I just loved this "tour" of your moments of putting up the Christmas tree.

    I get nostalgic as I put up our tree too. Every single ornament has some significance and there's a story behind each one.

    I just love the brotherly love picture too - how very, very sweet.

    Thanks for sharing at the #CHRISTMASbloghop!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and a very Merry Christmas.

    1. D was practicing with his new camera lens and we were his models. I love putting up the tree as an adult so much more than I did as a kid because, like you said, every ornament has a memory.
      A belated Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. My favorite pic is third from the bottom. She just looks like she's overjoyed. Beautiful tree!

    1. Sky had a great time putting up the tree this year and was a really good sport about doing things in order, although I think that picture shows the beginning of the end- we'd had her birthday party that morning and she didn't have a nap in between the party and tree. Big girl still does better with some recovery time in the afternoon.
      Thanks for visiting!


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