SHINE Blog Hop #28

  I'm so excited to have a chance to co-host this week's SHINE Blog Hop with Jennifer from The Deliberate Mom!  Since I live outside the US, my blog has been an important way for me to connect with other moms and other adoptive families, both for advice and encouragement.  I've "met" some great people through and learned so much more than I could have without this outlet.
  I've shared before how I stumbled the Blog Hopt and found many other great blogs.  I loved the idea of the blog hop so much that I emailed Jennifer to see if I could co-host and to my surprise, she said, "sure!".  I can't wait to see what great posts are going to be shared this week.  Keep reading, click on the ones that catch your eye, and add your own. 

Enjoy the 28th SHINE Blog Hop and Thanks for stopping by!

  The SHINE Blog Hop is a weekly link up of family friendly posts that have been posted on different websites around the internet. You can add your links (if you're a blogger). If you're a non-blogger, then please feel free to visit the featured posts and/or visit any of the links that are of interest to you. Comments on this or any posts that are visited are always welcome!

Don't worry, the SHINE Blog Hop will be back on January 8, 2015. There won't be a hop on December 25th or January 1st.

However, next week, on Thursday, December 18, 2014 there will be an extra special Christmas Party Blog Hop!

I'm inviting you to stop by and share a Christmas-themed post. What will you bring to the party? A decoration, a cute holiday outfit, a festive Christmas recipe, a Christmas story? Hmmm.... Think about it and come back next week, ready to link up and have fun!

Oh yeah... there will be a few prizes too! YAY!

So on to this week's party! I would like to extend a warm welcome to this week's co-host, Amber, from Our Charmed Life. You'll find all sorts of interesting things on Amber's blog. She shares stories about adoption, her beautiful children, and life in the lovely location of Kwaj.

Since Amber lives in the remote Marshall Islands, her access to social media is minimal. If you could please take a moment to show Amber some blogging love and visit her blog, that would be awesome!

Amber | Our Charmed Life can be found here:

Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom can be found on:
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The Deliberate Mom
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If you would ever like to co-host a SHINE Blog Hop, just send an email to Jennifer: deliberatemom{at}gmail{dot}com

So without further delay, here are the top viewed posts from last week's SHINE Blog Hop:
Featured posts from week 27 of the SHINE Blog Hop

The Deep End of Parenthood - Oh, Honestly!
Dear Married Couple Without Kids - The Contented Wife
20 Minute Toffee Crunch - Faith Filled Food For Moms

Congratulations to all of you! Featured posts will be shared on all of The Deliberate Mom's social media outlets! This week's randomly selected featured post is:
Random featured post from SHINE Blog Hop #27
Christmas Traditions - Always Made With Love

If you would like to help spread the word about the SHINE Blog Hop, we would be so grateful!

So are you ready to get this party started? We invite you to grab the beverage of your choice, take a comfortable seat, and let your best posts SHINE! It's time to bask in the glow of this amazing community of bloggers!


  1. Thanks so much for joining me at this week's SHINE Blog Hop Amber! I hope you enjoy the experience!

    1. Thanks so much for letting me co-host! A nice bonus is a bit more traffic to the posts I shared. Because of the time difference, I usually end up way down on the list by the time I get to my computer :)


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