Five for Friday #15: Father's Day, A Movie Recommnedation, and Another Adoption Update

High Five for Friday!  I can't believe we made it through another week- not that it was a bad week but we're officially in the Big Wait (adoptive parents, you know why I used capital letters on that!) and while every day brings us closer to our new one and to whatever comes afterword (that move isn't off the table!), some days are longer than others and it can be hard to push on through.  This week was a good one, starting with Father's day and full of family time through out.

Happy Father's Day D!

D is a great dad- he's infinitely patient with the kids and really good at finding ways around their stubbornness (something I struggle with).  We celebrated Father's Day with banana bread French toast and a morning at the beach.  It was a quiet day but just what D wanted.
We watched One Day on Earth as a family one night this week.  I was worried that it would be a little too mature for Sky and that it wouldn't hold her attention, and while Fire didn't pay much attention to it, Sky loved it.  She asked really great questions about everything that was happening and really listened to the answers.  It was a great opportunity to start talking about the world and all the people that live on it, how they all live and how we treat the Earth.  Besides all that, it was a beautifully made movie.  We're actually going to buy it so that we can watch it again.
Sky and Fire are participating in the summer reading program at the library this year.  They've always loved books but this is the first time we've done something like this.  We've finished one week and they both read (D and I read them) 13 books.  The box above is full of our library books for the week.  Hurray for big reading kids!
Another adoption update: we had our home study this week!  We passed and the CAA approved our case, which means that this is really going to happen.  They also met with Elizabeth and Jobe and approved their case, which means that this is really, really going to happen.  No one knows exactly how court will go since Jobe won't be able to be there, but every step is a step forward.  The next step for us to finish compiling our dossier with our police clearances and medical paperwork.


Friends, I know we may have different opinions on this but when D and I heard about the Supreme Court's decision this week regarding marriage equality, we hugged and cried a little bit.  Civil rights for all!

How was your week?  Have you seen One Day on Earth?  What did you think of it? Do you do summer reading programs?  Any tips for getting in more reading time?  Any good book recommendations?

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