Saying Yes and Finally Being a "Fun Mom"

  Friends, I love my kids but I am not a "fun mom".  I'm the disciplinarian in our family, the one in charge of saying no when it needs to be said.  I do try to say yes when I can and recently, a great opportunity for saying a big, exciting yes presented itself.
  It was a rainy morning and the kids were just about to explode from pent up energy when I got home from a run.  They were literally starting to climb the walls and I suddenly remembered a post on one of my favorite blogs from a few years ago about jumping into piles of pillows.  I had the kids get every pillow in the house and make a pile of them on the floor.  I pushed the coffee table to the side and told Sky and Fire to climb up onto it.  Being me, I had to make a few rules: only one kid jumps at a time and you have to pile the pillows back up after your turn.

  And then I said those magic words: Yes, you can jump.
And they did!

D wanted me to include this one because he loved the look on concentration on Fire's face.  He threw himself into every jump with that intense look and shouted with laughter every time he hit the pillows.

Water wanted to get in on the action so between jumps he would crawl to the pillow stack and lay on them.  We pulled him away every time and he would try to throw himself out of our arms to get back to playing with the big kids.

Of course, because we have a concrete floor and a rec-room carpet with only the thinnest pad between them and because we just don't have that many pillows in our house, someone ended up getting hurt.  But since no one went to the ER and everyone had fun while it lasted, I'm still going to call this one a win.


  1. Look at their little faces, they're having the time of their life! haha so sweet

    1. They thought it was the BEST.THING.EVER! We need to get some more pillows in our house so that we can do it again.

  2. Good for you being a FUN MOM. Doesn't happen often to me either - but always fun to see the kids shock when my answer is YES and they weren't expecting it!!

    1. Isn't it great to be able to say it when they're expecting you to say no? I need to find ways to do it more often because they enjoy those moments so much.


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