High Five for Friday #14: Hurray for Antibiotics

I would give you a high five right now (because it's Friday, yay!) but it would hurt, so let's just nod and smile at each and save the high-fiving for a few days.  Why would it hurt?  You're sweet for asking.  Let me show you:

  I turned the color way up so you could see the red streaks.  All that, going all the way up to my elbow is from a tiny infection in a cut on my thumb.  I cut myself at work on Wednesday and this was how my arm looked Friday at dinner time.  Because of the heat and humidity here, small wounds can turn septic very quickly and this one gave me a dose of my own mortality.  Without antibiotics, something like this could kill a person.  Luckily, I do have antibiotics and they're already working.  I still don't have the full use of my hand but it's on the mend.

As long as we're talking about medical things, I thought I would share that the referral for Fire's hernia repair was approved!  That's a big deal for us because it means that the company will pay for his and D's plane tickets to Hono and give them a per diem while they're there for the surgery.  That would have been a real struggle financially for us so I'm so thankful that it came through.  The referral office is trying to get him appointments at the children's hospital in early July but we won't know their final travel dates until late next week.

Here's a travel tip from someone who's been traveling internationally and living overseas for 18 years: Always buy the T-shirt!  Or in this case, ask your friends to buy the shirt, like Gene and Sandra did for the kids on their recent trip to Pohnpei.  Thanks for the shirts Gene and Sandra, the kids love them!

Water is 10 months old!

Look at all those teeth!

Oh my gosh, I could eat this sweet boy up!  I know that I just put three exclamation points into this section but that's how I feel about this baby.  He is a light in our lives and brings joy to everyone, both in our family and in our community.  Our family on Ebeye adores him.  The older kids fight over who gets to take him for a jambo jambo (walk around) and Jobe (Fire's birth father) always makes time to play with him as soon as he gets home from work.  Water wears 18M clothes but should be in 2T- I'm resisting moving him up because I want him to look like a baby just a little bit longer.  He's a good eater, a good sleeper, and loves to play with his big brother and sister.  He's not walking yet but will sometimes stand for short periods of time. 

Since D decided to quit our season of fasting, I decided to mix things up a little.  The fourth fast was alcohol and it wasn't really a challenge for me.  I'm not a big drinker anyway so cutting out one beer in the evenings didn't affect me that much.  Socially, it was a little strange to have to tell people that I wasn't drinking but most of my friends know about the fast, so they just teased me a little and let it be.
The fifth fast was supposed to be an internet fast but I didn't think that would be very challenging and I'm feeling ready to test myself.  And this one will be a big test for me: no sugar for six weeks.  By no sugar, I really mean no sweets.  I'm still going to eat bread that's been made with sugar and have D chili even though he put a little brown sugar in it.  For six weeks I'll be saying goodbye to these good friends:
Coffee creamer (and by extension coffee because coffee without creamer is gross), TicTacs (for fixing coffee breath), ice cream, Mio (water flavoring), chocolate in all its forms, breakfast smoothies, juice, mixed drinks, any breakfast food that's served with syrup, hard lemonade...  I could go on for a while longer but I think you get the point. 
I love sweet foods.  They're my comfort and this is going to be a real challenge for me to not turn to them simply out of habit.  Wish me luck!

How was your week?  Did anything exciting happen?  Did you do anything out of the ordinary or was it just another week? 

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  1. Walter is so cute! I will need to search for more info on your fast. I'm intrigued. 😃

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks, we think Water is pretty adorable too- we call him an adora-baby! I haven't posted too much on the season of fasting here because it's not something that taken up that much space in our lives. Mostly, you'll find it on the five for Friday posts, so I'd search for those, or type the word "fast" into the search bar. As far as the sugar fast goes, it's so hard and it's only been a few days!

  2. Ironic... Just sent David and email that wished him a happy dad day celebration and that I had been bitten by a nasty spider. There was a lot of pain on the outside of my right ankle and when I touched it, it was hard and swollen with a center to it. Went to play Dominoes and everyone thought I should go to the ER. However, I waited until the next morning. Doc drew a circle around it and said that if it got bigger to come back plus he gave me anti-biotics like you.

    Right after we moved to Derby, David wanted help sitting up our huge and heavy ping pong table which folded in he middle so one could play alone. We almost had it up when it slipped and came sliding down my knee to ankle. It was horrendously bruised and after a day had red streaks like yours and was hot to the touch. Went to the dr and he wanted me to go to the hospital. Our insurance had not started yet so I insisted I stay home... he insisted.on the sofa and not moving. He said gangrene was seriously setting in...........

    SO be sure to take care of yourself. Also rest to help your body recover from the attack on it from the wound and keep it elevated. Spiders and cuts, Yuck..


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