Sky's Pre-K Graduation

We celebrated Sky's Pre-K graduation this week.  I know I've been saying this a lot on the blog lately but how did she get so big?!  This year she has turned into such a little person.  I feel like we spent years working through big feelings, difficult to manage ( but understandable) reactions, and delayed (but again understandable) language development and that it's all coming together for Sky now.  She's very clever, is a good problem solver, and is completely ready for school to start.  I think she'll thrive with the higher level of expectations and the routine and structure of a school day.  I'm not one to push academics too soon but I almost wish there were a mid-term Kindergarten she could have joined because she seems that ready. 

  I couldn't be more proud of Sky.  We made sure to tell her that throughout the night and celebrated her with a special dinner (Burger King) and a movie after the graduation.  The ceremony was just how you would picture it:  The kids wore tiny little caps and gowns and processed in to Pomp and Circumstance.  The school director, Sky's beloved Ms Michelle, made a video of the kids answering questions and then had a montage of photos of each student.  They all received their diplomas, and then (and even more exciting) one of their teachers gave them a gumball necklace.  Caps were thrown, cookies were eaten, and five more little learners were launched into the world.

Family picture with the graduate (oops, sorry Water!)

Sky has been with Ms Diana and Ms Sophia (on the left and right) since she started at the school when she was 18 months old.  Ms Tracy (in the middle) is her Pre-K teacher and Sky loves her.   We're so lucky to have such wonderful teachers taking care of our kids!


  1. Love her. We had PK graduation this week too, which I thought was a little over the top but once I got there I was ALL IN! ha. Funny how sentimentality can cloud reason :)

    1. I always thought those sorts of things were a little bit too much too but when it's your kid, it seems totally necessary. I couldn't believe how excited we were for her!


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