Rainy Day Fun

Monday was a rainy, rainy day- it would have been a great day to sleep in but since the kids were up at 6:30, D and I were too.  We had originally planned to head to the beach with some friends for a beach-brunch morning but it was just too wet and chilly for that to be fun, so after a little mom-coordinating, everyone came to our house.  The kids played for hours on the slip n' slide and in the big mud puddle in the alley while the adults had brunch and coffee (and stayed dry under the patio!).

The pictures below aren't in any particular order but you can get the idea of the crazy amount of fun that all the kids had.  We're so lucky to get to have these kinds of mornings with our friends here!

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  1. Awe! I love this! My kids and I love to play in the rain too! Great photos :-)


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