Dinner on Ebeye

  Until recently, there were three places to eat on Ebeye: the JJJ (for fast food), the Little Mermaid Restaurant at the Ebeye Hotel (for Chinese food), and Sit 'N' Eat (for local food).  Unfortunately, the Little Mermaid has a had a tough time being able to provide the dishes on their menu and Sit 'N' Eat burned down a few months ago.  You can still eat at both of them (and the fried chicken at the JJJ is great) but that's not quite the big-night-out experience I was looking for when my friend Heather and I started planning a double date night.
  I'd heard about a new restaurant called Enno opening up and had walked past it a few times.  Everyone had great things to say about the place and we'd been told that it was shabu-shabu restaurant, which is always fun.  I'm very happy to be able to write that Enno, which means "yummy" in Marshallese, really is enno.  The restaurant was clean and bright, with new furniture and menus.  There was a full staff and they had everything on the menu that we ordered, including spare ribs, shrimp, chicken, and pork.  The prices were reasonable, the service was excellent, and the food was delicious.  If you live in the atoll and are looking for something new for date night, give this place a try!

Side order of propane, anyone?

The sushi wasn't quite what we expected (canned tuna?) but it was still pretty good

We had our own shabu-shabu chefs:

First course: meat, meat, and more meat

Second course: ramen with vegetables and meatballs

I have no idea what they're doing...

Heather and I

Me and D

Heather and her D


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