After Technical Difficulties: High Five for Monday

  Thanks to our internet at home being down for several days, this is a High Five for Monday post instead of the usual High Five for Friday.  Since I'm already behind on blogging, let's get right to the five for the week:

It looks like Fire is going to need surgery to repair an inguinal hernia.  D and I suspected that he had one based on some symptoms that we've seen but we were actually able to get some photos (side note: on the list of things I never thought I'd have to do as a parent, taking photos of my son's junk, even for medical documentation, is at the top so far) that allowed the doctors to diagnose it.  We should hear from the hospital this week if he's going to be sent to Honolulu for surgery. 

Sky lost another tooth!
Do you remember how she sold her first tooth do D for four dollars?  Well, she sold this one to him for five!  D had better look out- Sky has some mad negotiating skills and lot more teeth left to sell.

Thanks to our internet outage, I missed the deadline to enter the Huggies Ultrahug competition but if I could have, this would have been the photo for it.  Oh, I adore that sweet, alert face!  And I know the picture doesn't capture it but he does give the best hugs- really, he'll actually throw his arms around your neck and squeeze, and if you pat his back, he'll pat yours.  I wish he could stay a baby just a bit longer...

Adoption Update
We got permission to pay for Elizabeth's ticket to Majuro and it sounds like she wants to fly out in two weeks.  We also found out that court will definitely be held in Majuro rather than on Ebeye, since the judge handling the cases doesn't like to come over here.  Our best guess on a court date is mid- to late October, since it has to be at least 30 days after the baby is born.  Elizabeth has another ultrasound this week and D is dying to know if it's a boy or a girl (I know he'll love either but he'd really like another girl).

Cake for breakfast!

Water's nanny asked me to make her a cake for her daughter's birthday and the first one I tried to make (Purple Rain Cake) fell apart.  I saved what I could and then made a beautiful homemade chocolate cake for her.  As a surprise for Fire and Sky, I let them have the broken bits of cake for breakfast one morning, along with some fruit.  I must be doing something right because neither of them finished the cake...

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything extra fun or new? 


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